What is your favourite kitchen tool? You will never guess what mine is...

Hey Bloggers,

Hope you are well?

I have a question i want to ask food bloggers online.

With sooo many kitchen tools/appliances out there. Some to make life a lot easier and some to make things go quicker.

So what is my favourite?

Lets brake bread?

Hey Bloggers, Becca made some amazing bread tonight. In The UK we have a number of large named sugar companies, Whitworths, Silver Spoon and other great brands, however i am quite fussy when it comes to sugar companies and tend to stick to one as much as i can (Obviously when you are out you have use other brands). Silver Spoon is my all time favourite Sugar company. The only issue i have is Sugar is VERY high in calories so sweeteners would be better right? Well some people say yes, some people say no. I say YES. Lower calories are better. ANY WAY! that is another post all together (I will make a post about the pro/cons of sugar another time). So Getting back to the bread. What is sooo amazing about this bread? Let me show you an image: download (2) That! Yes it tastes EXACTLY like the Granulated sugar and tonight Becca made bread (1st time we have EVER had home made bread). Here is the Result:

The Cost of Eating Better, Financially & Mentally

Hey Bloggies,

I would just like to talk today about eating better & healthier.


Eating well everyone knows make you feel better, happier and more content. You always hear somewhere that this food is a superfood or this food is high in... You know what i mean, KALE at the moment is the superfood to juice on. There are many foods that can help by using more calories to burn than eat. My favourite is cucumber (Personal Preference).

With all the good advice about food WHY do people still eat processed foods such as Chicken Nuggets (for example). It all comes down to one word. Convenience! Yes it is easy to put the oven/fryer then stick in the nuggets. Wait for around 7 Minutes to be cooked. Place it on a plate then eat.

download (3)

Yes they taste nice (totaly agree with that). However taking a step back and thinking could you have made them yourself within the amount of time that it took you to cook these Chicken Nuggets. The answer is simply NO! these things to cook can take around 20 minutes to prepare, make and cook.

Another thing is, you can get 24 Nuggets for just £1.99 in the UK, where as a fresh chicken or chicken breast will cost almost DOUBLE that amount to pay at the checkout.


So why bother using fresh ingredients when it is ready to cook straight from the freezer?

Well my thoughts are, if you make it, cook it and enjoy it then you will appreciate food a lot more. All you need to make the Chicken Nuggets are the following:

  • 500g chicken breast (or fish fillets)
  • 4 tbsp plain flour
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 300g breadcrumbs
  • olive oil

THAT IS IT. If you look at a packet of precooked foods you will see this ingredient and sometimes fancy long names Sucrose is simply SUGAR Yes rather than using names that we all use on a daily bases the chemical name is used. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE NAME

If you have some chicken nuggets in your freezer today look and tell me how many ingredients are in your food. Let me know on Twitter or Google Plus.

So OVERALL i believe that spending more time prepairing food and eating fresh cooked foods is really good for you. Do you agree?

Thanks for reading.